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... want our advise in setting up and running a venture: turning an idea into a prototype, a prototype into a product, a product into a business, and a business into profits. It's all about idea and execution: More focus, better products, nicer content, easier sales

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in-person or online - we apply our proven tools and expertise covering all aspects of describing and validating an idea and its proper execution . In all our projects, we adjust our work to the lifecycle stage of your venture.

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Our team combines startup, blue chip and consulting experience with several exits in the mobile, payment, cloud, cyber security and software space.



5 idea planning and validation tools which put your strategies, concepts, case assumptions and actions into one execution flow

Canvas - Describe and evaluate your business model on a single page

Concept - Create one consistent communication concept per client segment

Case - Model the sales economics of one sales rep in one channel, define how you scale every sales channel and understand the implications of a growth case

Map - Combine business model, concepts, case and your internal focus on one strategy map

Roadmap - Align and focus your team on one roadmap going forward


State-of-art execution tools, media, and practices to implement your actions

Product - Define the right minimum viable product for your life cycle stage

Marketing - Create a true experience around your product

Sales - Make your channels efficient with awesome product media support, sales kits and training

Care - Embrace a customer experience strategy along all care touchpoints

Tracking - Keep tracking and analytics simple and realtime




All 10 steps can be applied at any stage of your venture's lifecycle.

Early - Validate if you have a solution which solves a real problem

Market - Validate with real customers if your product is something people want and are prepared to pay for

Growth - Prove that you can scale your venture efficiently


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Eckhard Ortwein, Founder and Managing Partner of 4-Ventures, is a serial entrepreneur co-founding the Israel-based cyber-security startup accells acquired by Ping Identity in 2014 and co-founding the m-payment startup paybox acquired by Sybase/SAPin 2008. In 2011, Eckhard founded 4-Ventures also taking the CEO role at accells which led to the successful acquisition by Ping Identity. He is a Board Member and Partner at pbx Innovations AG, an investment boutique in the e- and m-commerce space, and an Executive Advisor at Cartagena Capital GmbH, an international technology-focused M&A advisory. Eckhard is working with a rich network of partners and talents on his projects. He has spent 20 years working as an industry executive and management consultant for global corporations and start-ups in the telecommunications, financial services and consumer goods industries. He started his career as a Group Manager at Procter & Gamble and a Senior Consultant at Arthur D. Little.



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Startups and business alike which are pursuing recurring revenue models want to build business cases that they can sell to their investors or board and that fly when going-to-market. Early on, they have to understand the sales funnel economics balancing service price and go-to-market complexity and find the right go to market model. With Lean-Case, create and share your business case in the cloud improving the economic viability of any recurring revenue business.


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